Filling your kitchen with homewares can be as easy as finding a store and buying an entire collection. However, it takes an exceptionally professional eye to make sure that everything you choose goes together perfectly. Hiring experienced kitchen designers and stylists will make sure that you get the perfect design for your kitchen space with all the right recommendations. No matter whether it is part of your kitchen or a complete renovation that you want to work on, you can get all the advice that you could ever need from the European Kitchen Group.

Customised Kitchen Cupboards

Depending on your preference and your overall kitchen layout, you can choose from a range of cupboards. The cupboards you choose should match the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. Thankfully, EKG offers many options to choose from and you can get things done professionally for a much more superb finishing.

Kitchen Drawers

This is a part of your kitchen that is either overlooked or is restricted by budget which ends up compromising the look. For example, having the right drawers means you need to pay attention to functionality. Depending on your requirements and location, you may need something entirely unique. 

Kitchen Storage

No kitchen is ever complete without a proper storage solution and almost everywhere, the primary storage location for you are the ground cabinets. These are also available in a wide range of sizes and styles that you can design in different ways to utilise the space fully. This is especially true for corner cabinets which, if not treated properly, could lead to a lot of wasted space. This can be particularly troublesome if you are getting the work done in a relatively smaller space. A professional designer can provide you with a design that is both effective in terms of space management and aesthetic matching.

Material Choice

This is probably the easiest decision of all, or at least it is if you are getting the work done on a limited area in your existing kitchen. Having a reference point means you do not have to think too much about what you want to put as that decision is already made. However, when you are doing it from scratch, the decision can be confusing, and our European Kitchen professionals can certainly help you a lot in this matter.


Why is it a good idea to hire a kitchen designer for your home?

A lot of people think that they can create the perfect kitchen on their own. However, when you start working on it, a thousand things can go wrong and knowing what to do to prevent irreversible mistakes is only possible through experience. It is the difference between good and great that you see when you compare the work of a novice versus that of a professional.