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A kitchen shouldn’t be just another room,

it should be an experience

That’s what you get when you choose a kitchen from European Kitchen Group.

Let us design a snapshot view of your dream kitchen today.

Crafting Dreams into Reality

At European Kitchen Group in South Melbourne, we take care in designing quality, personalised kitchens. Individually designed and made to order in Europe, every European Kitchen combines timeless style with quality, durable materials.

Every home is different and every family one of a kind. When you commission a European kitchen from us, our design team work with you to develop a unique, quality product tailored to your needs. We combine authentic, hard-wearing materials with timeless designs to mirror our clients’ unique, individual styles.

Our designers work with clients to craft an entirely customised kitchen, so no two products are ever identical. But whether our clients want a classic kitchen, a contemporary feel, or a mixture of the two, one thing will never change: our commitment to sleek designs, authentic materials, and functional, quality living.

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One-of-a-Kind Kitchens Made in Europe

At European Kitchen Group, we take expert care to craft, create and install your kitchen. We have decades of experience in designing bespoke kitchens for our Melbourne clientele, and we are proud to be Melbourne’s exclusive distributors of two of Europe’s foremost kitchen brands, German Rempp and Italian Cesar.

All of our kitchens are individually planned for the utmost in form and function. Once we have personally designed your kitchen and modelled it using our 3D kitchen-modelling software, we send your specifications to our production teams in Europe. There, they construct your kitchen using only authentic materials and the highest quality hardware. Fully-built, your unique European kitchen is imported back to Australia.

We use high-quality materials to create kitchens that last. Our user-focused, bespoke designs let our clients perfect every single element, ensuring personal elegance at every level. So visit our showroom or contact us to start planning your timeless European kitchen today.